The technological development and progress of electric vehicles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-13
With the advancement of technology in the future, the advantages of electric vehicles will be further brought into play. Electric cars and electric bicycles are powered by batteries, but also take advantage of the charging efficiency. Calculated in this way, the overall efficiency of electric vehicles is almost the same as that of fuel vehicles. Most of the electricity used by electric vehicles comes from power stations. Although we have all kinds of 'clean energy' such as hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, etc., the current situation is: thermal power still accounts for 81.7% of China's total power generation. The thermal efficiency of thermal power plants can generally be higher than 30% to 40%. Then take the electricity efficiency of the electric tricycle (about 70% to 80%). Electric vehicles have a slight advantage over traditional fuel vehicles in terms of energy utilization and pollution emissions. And looking at the future, efficient and clean electric vehicles are also the development trend. One disadvantage of electric vehicles is battery pollution. The battery contains heavy metals and acid and alkali components. Once leaked, the pollution to the environment is rapid, serious and long-term. At present, the disposal of waste batteries is through incineration and landfill. In fact, these two treatment methods also have pollution, but there is no better way for the time being. However, in the future, through the gradient utilization of batteries and other means, this pollution will be gradually reduced. The electric energy of electric vehicles mainly comes from thermal power generation. Thermal power generation, like internal combustion engines, consumes fossil fuels. This process produces a variety of pollutants. The smokestacks of power plants are polluted, and the car exhaust is also polluted. Power plants are usually built in areas with a wide population of people. Compared with fuel vehicles, the source of pollution is farther away from the population, and it is more convenient for the same treatment and control of pollution.
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