The truth about the decline in battery quality of electric scooters

by:Mainbon     2021-10-01
The truth about the decline in battery quality of electric scooters The battery of electric scooters is not as good as before. The batteries used to run for about three years, but now they only have a life span of one year, or even shorter. So what causes the deterioration of battery quality? Why are all aspects of electric scooters improving, but the battery quality is not as good as before? The following electric scooter manufacturers will take a look with everyone: Truth 1: The high configuration of electric scooters causes the battery pressure to increase. Compared with the previous electric scooters: the configuration is higher, the power is greater, and the speed is faster. The power consumption is also large; in addition, the current electric scooters tires are thicker and thicker than before, which will consume more electricity; in addition, many electric devices have been added to the electric scooters, such as anti-theft devices, remote start, and daytime running lights. , Music player, seat bucket lights, etc., all of which increase the load on the battery and affect the battery performance. Truth 2: The battery's cadmium-free technology greatly reduces battery performance. Because cadmium is an excellent metal that absorbs neutrons, cadmium-containing lead-acid batteries can enhance battery conductivity, reduce battery internal resistance, improve battery discharge voltage, and withstand high Low temperature, good charge and discharge performance, and long life. Therefore, the previous batteries contain cadmium, but cadmium pollutes the environment and harms the human body. Once a battery without cadmium is used, the performance will definitely be slightly worse than before, which has led many people to feel that 'the quality of the battery is not as good as before'! Truth 3: The power of electric scooters increases, and the damage to the battery increases. Everyone knows that the power of electric scooters sold in the electric scooters market in the past few years is relatively small. The low power is mainly 250W, and the power is high. Mainly to 500W. In recent years, in order to pursue faster speeds, electric scooters have continuously increased their motor power. Their minimum power has basically reached 500W, and 800W motors and 1200W motors are also common. It is undeniable that the greater the motor power, the greater the speed of electric scooters. There will be a significant improvement, but it will also accelerate the loss of battery life. The above points are just some of the reasons. If you want to know more factors that affect the quality of the battery, please consult the electric scooter factory. Previous: Electric scooters remind you of the precautions for riding in rainy days Next: Electric scooters are banned, and now finally comes the gospel
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