The use and safety of electric kiln car

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
Electric kiln car is an electric device powered by electricity. It is characterized in that the use of electricity can reduce the waste of diesel. Moreover, it also solves the disadvantage that the diesel engine cannot be started in the cold air in winter. The transportation cost is also 1/4 of the diesel engine. The electric kiln car has the function of braking and disconnecting the electric power, which is very safe in operation. No driving experience is required to operate. The hand gear of the electric kiln car controls the forward and reverse of the vehicle. The car can be operated back and forth. And it is more conducive to the operation of the vehicle in turning and reversing. The electric kiln car can be recharged and used repeatedly, and it can work for 8-12 hours with only five degrees of charge once. It is in line with manual working hours. It is also possible to reduce the labor time and manpower of manpower. Improve the work efficiency of the enterprise so that the enterprise increases the benefit and reduces the cost. Features of electric kiln car The simple structure is conducive to maintenance, saves time and effort, reduces air pollution, is environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and has good safety performance
The maintenance of electric kiln car batteries is simple: charging , shallow discharge! If you use it on the same day, charge it on the same day. Don't leave it for too long. The battery has been out of power for a long time, which will affect the service life of the electric kiln car battery. Over-discharge will seriously damage the battery, which is extremely detrimental to the electrical performance and cycle life of the battery.
When the battery of the electric kiln car is discharged to the termination voltage, the internal resistance is relatively large, and the electrolyte concentration is very thin, especially in the hole and the surface of the electrode plate, which are almost neutral. When the current is large, the heat is obviously generated (even heat deformation occurs). At this time, the concentration of lead sulfate is particularly large, and the possibility of short-circuiting of crystal branches increases. Moreover, lead sulfate will crystallize into larger particles at this time, that is, irreversible sulfation is formed. It will further increase the internal resistance, and the charging recovery ability is very poor or even impossible to repair.
When the battery is used, it should prevent over-discharge, and it is a very effective measure to take 'under-voltage protection'. In addition, since the 'under-voltage protection' of the electric tricycle is controlled by the controller, other devices other than the controller, such as voltmeters, indicators and other power-consuming appliances, are directly powered by the battery, and the power supply is generally not controlled. The electric tricycle lock (switch) starts to use electricity once it is closed. Although the current is small, overdischarge will occur if it is discharged for a long time (1 to 2 weeks). Therefore, the lock should not be opened for a long time, and it should be turned off immediately when not in use. Therefore, it should be charged in time after each use, and it should be charged regularly to prevent unnecessary troubles when the battery of the electric kiln car runs out of power!

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