The use and safety of electric kiln loading car

by:Mainbon     2021-05-31
The electric kiln loading car is an electric device powered by electricity. Its characteristic is that the use of electricity can reduce the waste of diesel. Moreover, in winter, the disadvantage that the diesel engine cannot be started under cold winter air is also solved. The transportation cost is also 1/4 of that of a diesel engine. The electric kiln loading car has the brake and cut off the electric function, which is very safe in operation. It can be operated without any driving experience. The hand gear of the electric kiln loading car is to control the forward and backward of the vehicle. Allows the car to be operated back and forth. And it is more conducive to the operation of the vehicle when driving on turns and backwards. The electric kiln loading car can be used repeatedly, and it can work for 8-12 hours at only five degrees. It is in line with manual working hours. It can also reduce the labor time and manpower of manpower. Improving the work efficiency of the enterprise thus increases the efficiency of the enterprise and reduces the cost. The characteristics of the electric kiln loading car is simple in structure and conducive to maintenance, saving time and effort to reduce the air pollution to the atmosphere. It is environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and good in safety. The maintenance of the electric kiln loading car battery is from a simple aspect: frequent charging, shallow discharge ! Charge it on the same day if it is used on the same day. Don’t leave it for too long. The battery will lose power for a long time, which will affect the service life of the electric kiln car battery. In order to prevent the over-discharge of the battery to the end voltage, the continued discharge is called over-discharge. Over-discharge will seriously damage the battery, which is extremely detrimental to the electrical performance and cycle life of the battery. The internal resistance of the electric kiln car battery is large when the battery is discharged to the termination voltage, and the electrolyte concentration is very thin, especially the inner and surface of the plate hole is almost neutral. The internal resistance tends to heat up during over-discharge, the volume expands, and the discharge current is large. At this time, there is obvious heat (or even heat deformation). At this time, the lead sulfate concentration is particularly high, and the possibility of survival of the crystal branch short circuit increases. Moreover, lead sulfate will crystallize into larger particles at this time, which will form irreversible sulfation, which will further increase With large internal resistance, the charging recovery ability is very poor, and it can't even be repaired. The battery should be prevented from over-discharge when in use, and “under-voltage protection” is an effective measure. In addition, because the 'undervoltage protection' of electric vehicles is controlled by the controller, other devices outside the controller, such as voltmeters, indicator lights and other power-consuming appliances, are directly powered by the battery, and the power supply is generally not controlled. The electric tricycle lock (switch) starts to use electricity as soon as the electric vehicle lock (switch) is closed. Although the current is small, over-discharge will occur if it is discharged for a long time (1~2 weeks). Therefore, do not open the lock for a long time, and turn it off immediately when not in use. Therefore, after each use, it should be charged in time if it is not used for a long time, and it should be charged regularly to prevent unnecessary troubles when the battery of the electric kiln car is short of electricity!
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