The use of electric tricycle and the principle of motor

by:Mainbon     2022-02-11
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pressure of life has increased, and the number of unemployed and unemployed has increased tremendously, which has brought instability to the country and society. The rise of electric tricycles has diverted some of the unemployed people, saved a large number of enterprises, increased the country's tax revenue, solved the problem of unemployment and employment, and reduced social instability.
The core components of electric tricycle power, the quality of the motor It directly affects the efficiency of electric tricycles. Electric tricycles are widely favored by people because they use clean electric energy, have no exhaust gas pollution, and have the advantages of simple operation, low noise, moderate price, and convenient maintenance.
The commonly used motor of electric tricycles is DC motor, which includes permanent magnet motor and series excitation motor. The part where the motor rotates is called the rotor, and the part that does not change is called the stator. The rotor or stator of the permanent magnet motor has one permanent magnet, and the other is a wire wrap made of enameled wire. Both the rotor and the stator of the series-excited DC motor are made of enameled wire. The power motor, the permanent magnet motor saves power than the series DC motor. The magnet of the permanent magnet motor is afraid of high temperature, and the temperature exceeds 110 degrees, and it will demagnetize. There is no permanent magnet for series excitation DC idea, so there is no such problem. The series-excited DC motor is installed on the outside, and is driven by a small gear to the rear axle of the electric tricycle through a chain to drive the large gear. The contactor used on the car is used to control the progress and reversing of the electric tricycle, and it must be completed together with the button. The wiring principle is a double interlocking forward rotation control circuit to complete the forward-reverse-stop task principle, which is safe and convenient.
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