The use of electric tricycles and the principle of the motor

by:Mainbon     2021-05-23
As people's living standards continue to improve, living pressures increase, and the number of unemployed people increases tremendously, bringing instability to the country and society. The rise of electric vehicles diverts some unemployed people, saves a large number of enterprises, increases national taxation, solves the problem of unemployment and employment, and reduces social instability. The core component of electric tricycle power, the quality of the motor directly affects The use efficiency of electric tricycles. Electric tricycles use clean electric energy, have no waste gas pollution, and have the advantages of simple operation, low noise, moderate price, and convenient maintenance. They can be used as load tools and transportation tools, and are widely favored by people. Commonly used electric ideas for electric tricycles are direct current ideas, which are divided into permanent magnet electric ideas and series-excited electric ideas. The part that the electric idea twists is called the rotor, and the part that does not change is called the stator. In the rotor of the permanent magnet electric idea, perhaps one of the stators is a permanent magnet, and the other is a package made of enameled wire. The rotor and stator of the series-excited direct current idea are all coils of enameled wire. The power of the electric idea, the permanent magnet electric idea is more power-saving than the series-excited direct current idea. The magnet of the permanent magnet electric idea is afraid of high temperature, the temperature exceeds 110 degrees, it will demagnetize. The idea of u200bu200bseries-excited direct current does not have permanent magnets, so this problem does not exist. The series-excited direct current idea device is external, and is driven by a small gear through a chain to the rear axle of the electric tricycle to drive the big gear. The contactor used on the car is used to control the progress and reversing of the electric tricycle, and it must be completed together with the button. The wiring principle is a double interlocking forward rotation control circuit to complete the forward-reverse-stop task, which is safe and convenient.
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