The use of electric vehicle tires

by:Mainbon     2021-07-03
Of course, retread tires should be avoided as much as possible in the purchase, and consumers must pay attention to them. The method of identifying retreaded tires is very simple: the most common is to observe the color and gloss of the tires. The color and gloss of the retreaded tires are relatively dim, so don't buy such tires blindly. Don’t just look at the price, you should ask professionals, they will help you accurately match the appropriate tires. When choosing tires, also pay attention, do not mix different types of tires, for example, the more suitable for off-road The tires used in the car are put together with the tires of ordinary cars, or the directional sports tires and ordinary tires are mixed.   First, give priority to the original tires. The original tires are the most suitable for the speed of the car and the maximum load of the car. Therefore, theoretically speaking, priority should be given to the replacement of tires. Secondly, pay attention to the tire pattern. In addition to the aesthetic effect, the pattern on the car tire also has a great impact on the performance of the tire. For cars that often drive in Shenzhen, you should choose tires with better drainage patterns, such as regular small blocks; while cars that require off-road and long-distance running, you can choose large blocks.   Finally, if you are not satisfied with the original handling of the vehicle, you can consider replacing tires with a lower aspect ratio. For many models, one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance and handling performance of the vehicle is to replace tires with a lower aspect ratio. Each type of tire has its specific function, so when choosing a tire, you should ask what type of tire is suitable for what driving habits, so that the car is safer when driving, and the money spent on the tire is also more. worth it.
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