There are frequent explosions of electric bicycles, so be careful when charging!

by:Mainbon     2021-09-25
There are frequent explosions of electric bicycles, so be careful when charging! In recent years, more and more young people like to use electric bicycles as a travel tool. After all, the buses in the morning are too congested and the subway is sometimes far away from the company. After all, electric bicycles can better meet the needs of people who eat. But while electric bicycles bring convenience to people, they also cause some safety hazards due to our carelessness, such as the recent reports of electric bicycle explosions. Under normal circumstances, electric bicycles are relatively safe. However, if the operation is not standardized, accidents are likely to occur. According to statistics, there were 421 fires caused by malfunctions of electric bicycles and their accessories in Shanghai in 2020. There was a fire caused by a malfunction of an electric bicycle, which is really terrible. This is only the data of Shanghai, and most of these electric bicycle explosions were caused by illegal charging. At present, the weather is relatively hot, and there are more explosions of electric bicycles this season, so the following two-wheel electric bicycles will tell you the precautions when charging electric bicycles. 1. Don't modify the electric bicycle. Some friends start to modify an electric bicycle after they have started it for a few days. Add a canopy today and add a stereo tomorrow, and even add lithium batteries and modify wire lines in order to speed up of. It is not advisable to modify an electric bicycle privately, and it will bring a lot of uncontrollable risks. The country is now also severely cracking down on this modification of electric bicycles. For the safety of their lives and property, I hope that everyone will not do so. 2. Do not charge the electric bicycle in the corridor when the temperature is extremely high. If there are flammable materials nearby, the fire may develop to the point of irreversibility in a short time, leaving people with a particularly short reaction time. If you charge in the indoor corridor, it will not be conducive to everyone's escape if a fire occurs. If you want to charge, try to choose an open place, away from flammable materials, and avoid exposure to the sun and rain. 3. Don't just pull the wires privately. Many friends pull the wires privately to charge the electric bicycles for convenience. This is wrong. There have been too many cases of electric bicycle explosions caused by private pulling of the wires in the corridor. This point needs to be paid attention to. . In addition, the current electric bicycles can be charged for 8-10 hours each time, so don't overcharge. The safety issues when charging these electric bicycles need to be kept in mind. As long as they do not charge illegally and obey the traffic rules on the road, electric bicycles are still very safe. In addition, the current regulations for electric bicycles in many cities are becoming more and more perfect. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it, and hope it can help you. Previous post: What is special about parking and charging electric bicycles! Next: After 2020, what new features have been added to two-wheel electric bicycles?
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