Those things about electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-24
Electrically operated tricycle is a three-wheeled transportation tool that is powered by a battery and driven by a motor to pull goods or people. The electric tricycle adopts tubular large-capacity, left and right lining, deep discharge, traction type batteries, which can meet the requirements of continuous discharge for a long time. The battery can be used normally for two years, and the content is not reduced. The electric tricycle motor adopts a DC series-excited traction brush or brushless motor. The motor is equipped with a speed-regulating and force-increasing device, which is not easy to be damaged in normal use and ensures strong output power. Electric tricycles are divided into household, freight, and factory models according to their uses. 1. Types and performance of batteries 1. Lead-acid batteries (lead-acid gel batteries) are inexpensive and have stable performance. All electric tricycles currently on the market use this type of battery. 2. Lithium-ion batteries (often referred to as lithium batteries) , High cost, unstable performance, easy to explode, and low safety factor. The lithium iron phosphate power battery currently being developed and used solves the safety problem. It is now being further improved. 2. Maintenance and maintenance (11) Before riding, check whether the battery box is locked and whether the lights on the display panel are normal. (12) When driving on a water-filled road in rainy weather, normal driving under the condition that the depth of the water does not exceed the center of the electric wheel. If the water depth of the road area exceeds the center of the electric wheel, the electric wheel may seep water and cause malfunctions. (13) The whole vehicle should be avoided in places with humid air, high temperature and corrosive gas, so as to avoid chemical corrosion of the electroplated paint surface of metal parts. (14) Avoid exposing the whole vehicle to the sun and rain for a long time, so as not to damage the components in the controller, causing operation failure and accidents. (15) The structure of the electrical control part is complicated, and the user should not disassemble or repair it without authorization. If the local charging voltage is unstable, the charger fuse is likely to blow. It is recommended to use an AC voltage stabilizer. (16) It is normal that the electric bicycle feels heavier when it is reversed, and there will be a slight friction sound in the wheel hub when it is pushed forward. (17) Riding should not be overloaded, heavy objects and people should not be placed in order to avoid damage to the battery and motor. (18) The lubrication of the bicycle is an important part of the maintenance of the bicycle. According to the usage, the front axle, rear axle, bottom axle, flywheel, front fork, shock absorber rotation fulcrum and other components should be scrubbed and lubricated once every six months to one year ( It is recommended to use molybdenum disulfide grease). The transmission parts in the electric wheel hub have been coated with special lubricating oil, so users do not need to scrub and lubricate themselves. If there is an abnormal situation, you can go to our company's special maintenance point for maintenance.
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