Three advantages of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-24
'prices at a good value. The price of electric tricycles can be close to the purchasing power of urban and rural residents, so that ordinary people can afford them. Price positioning is to find the 'critical point' for people to move from heart to action. (A'sturdy' quality. Not only has the overweight load capacity (good frame material structure, complex road conditions, good power performance, long-distance endurance, good battery power supply performance), but also simple operation and not easy to damage. This is also It is determined by the characteristics of the products used by the consumer groups. 'Real' service. The people advocate the reality and hate flashy. Providing after-sales service for the people (customers) must be true to the word in order to win the loyalty to the brand. This: both It is required that the product must be supported by a sufficient number of distribution outlets and service personnel. Because these customers are generally low in cultural quality, it is a very heavy task to teach them the correct use and maintenance of electric tricycles, and they must be patiently 'trained.' ,'Tracking' service.
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