Three Guarantees Rules for Electric Tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-07-02
Warranty conditions: During the warranty period, the vehicle is indeed subject to quality problems such as design, material, manufacturing, assembly, etc., which cause damage to the vehicle's mechanical parts and performance deterioration. After verification, it is indeed the obligation of our factory to provide warranty. Warranty criteria: whoever distributes the service, mainly repairs, repairs if possible, and leaves old parts for replacement parts that fail to meet the requirements after repairs. Generally, the assembly is not allowed to be replaced. Warranty certificate: 'Operation Statement' and car purchase certificate. Warranty scope and rules: 1. Basic parts: frame, battery, motor, charger, brake hub and cargo box are guaranteed for 6 months. 2. Common parts: steering handle, tricycle steering column, leaf spring, upper and lower link plates, sprocket, middle sprocket shell, bearing warranty for 4 months. 3. Vulnerable parts: various electrical switches, electric lock reverse switches, contactors, travel switch odometer flexible shafts, combination meters, brake shoes, tires, rims, and front shock absorbers are guaranteed for 2 months. Note: ①The warranty period of parts not specified above is executed in one month. ②Parts not covered by warranty: seals, standard parts, inner tubes, rubber parts, bulbs, and fuse (sheets). Scope of non-warranty: 1. During the warranty period of the vehicle, failing to follow the rules and clarifications of the 'Application Statement'; 2. The vehicle model, motor number, and battery number on the warranty certificate are inconsistent with the actual product or altered; 3 , Without the consent of the service department of the factory or the affiliated service station, the user disassembles, refits and repairs parts by himself; 4. Various faults or damaged parts caused by stopping adjustment and maintenance not in accordance with the rules of the 'Application Statement'; 5. After the vehicle accident, the vehicle that has not been certified by the manufacturer for the quality obligation of both users; 6. The battery is damaged due to lack of electrolyte, overweight, loose terminal, etc.; 7. When repairing the vehicle, install non-original accessories or Parts that are damaged by using parts that are not approved by the factory; 8. Damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquakes, floods, and fires). Hold office.
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