Tighten the brakes of the two-wheeled electric bicycle a little bit, how do I operate it myself?

by:Mainbon     2021-10-15
Tighten the brakes of the two-wheeled electric bicycle a little bit, how do I operate it myself? Two-wheeled electric bicycles are very common nowadays, but traffic safety should be paid attention to. If the electric bicycle gets the brake loose, it is really very dangerous. Today, the electric bicycle industry teaches everyone how to tighten the brakes at home: Front wheel: Please note that if it is a brake, look up from the rubber and see where the brake cable goes in. ? Use an 8mm handle to loosen the small screw and pull it out a bit, but don't come out all of it, it's good to be able to see the hole. Then pinch both ends of the holding brake and apply force. When it feels almost the same, tighten the small screw, but be careful not to tighten it too much, otherwise the brake cable will break. Rear wheel: This is easy. Do you see the spring of the brake system at the bottom of the rear wheel? There is a screw on it, also use a small 8MM wrench to screw it, and then pinch the protruding parts at both ends of the spring, pinch it firmly, and then tighten the small screw. The adjustment of the brake is over. Such a simple operation can be exchanged for our safe riding, which is very necessary. And friends who want to know more about two-wheel electric bicycles, please follow the official website of our power electric bicycle manufacturer. Previous: What are the benefits of electric bicycles Next: Common sense of maintenance of two-wheeled electric bicycles
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