Tips for maintaining electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-03
The electric tricycle is a mobile transportation device. Take care in daily use. Don't let people who can't ride a bicycle use it to prevent it from falling and crashing. Do not overload heavy objects and carry people when using it to avoid excessive power consumption or traffic accidents. Before each use, check whether the performance is good, especially the braking performance is good, to ensure driving safety. The brake pads should not be in contact with the engine oil to avoid brake failure. Pay attention to lubrication and rust prevention of bicycle transmission parts. Every six months, the tricycle is maintained, each fastener is reinforced, and the spoke tightness is adjusted. To charge the battery, use the special charger provided with the car. The input plug is connected to the mains socket and the output plug is inserted into the battery box. The charging adopts a three-stage automatic conversion method of constant current and constant voltage floating charge. When the battery reaches a sufficient level, it will automatically switch to floating. No need to manually control the charging time, even if it is charged for a long time, it will not damage the battery. If the voltage fluctuation of the power grid in the user area exceeds 15% of the normal value, it is recommended to configure a household appliance voltage stabilizer to ensure the normal use of the charger. Various problems may occur in the daily use of electric tricycles. Tricycle component failures can be solved by tricycle repair methods; electrical component failures: such as the fuse of the charger or battery box, the loosening of the connector, etc., users can use the product The simple troubleshooting methods described in the manual handle it by yourself. For other faults that are difficult for the user to solve or the detection and replacement of the battery, the user can consult the technical service department of the manufacturer by phone, or send it to a special maintenance station for repair. Don't let people who don't understand electric car technicians repair it, so as not to get rid of minor illnesses and cause serious disasters. For professional repair stations, any user's problems can be easily solved. I hope that every user of the electric tricycle will be happy and go home happily every time it is used.
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