Troubles and Diagnosis and Repair of Electric Vehicle Clutch

by:Mainbon     2021-06-01
Phenomenon: The electric tricycle clutch makes an abnormal noise when it is disconnected or engaged. Reason: The release bearing lacks lubricant, causing dry friction or bearing damage; there is no gap between the release bearing and the inner end of the release lever; oil stains between the release bearing sleeve and the pipe Severe dust or the release bearing return spring and the pedal return spring are fatigued, broken, or fall off, making the release bearing not return well; the spline hole of the driven disk and its spline shaft are loosely matched; the damping spring of the driven disk is annealed and fatigued Or broken; driven disc friction plate rivet loose or loose rivet or rivet head exposed; double-disc clutch drive pin and the middle pressure plate and the pin holes of the pressure plate are worn out and open. Diagnosis and troubleshooting: Slightly step on the clutch pedal to make the release bearing contact with the release lever. If there is a 'rustling' noise, it is abnormal bearing noise. If the abnormal noise persists after refueling, it means that the bearing is excessively worn, loose and damaged, and should be replaced; Lift the clutch pedal downwards. If there is an intermittent collision sound, it means that the release bearing is moving back and forth, and the release bearing return spring should be replaced. If the pedal is even stepped on, if there is a noise when the clutch is just engaged or just separated, it means that the driven disc rivet is loose. Or exposed, the driven disc should be replaced. Incomplete clutch separation of electric vehicles: When the engine is idling, step on the clutch pedal, and gears will make a sound of gear crashing and it is difficult to hook in. If you can barely hook it, the clutch pedal has not been completely released. The engine is completely stalled. Reason: The clutch pedal stroke is too large; the separation lever is bent and deformed, the support is loose, and the support shaft pin comes out, making it difficult to adjust the height of the inner end of the separation lever; improper adjustment of the separation lever makes the inner end not in the same plane or the inner end is too high Low; improper adjustment of the limit screw of the intermediate pressure plate of the double-disc clutch, fatigue of individual separation springs, insufficient height or broken, the axial movement of the intermediate pressure plate on the drive pin or in the clutch drive window is not flexible; the driven plate steel plate warps , The friction plate is broken or the rivet is loose; the new friction plate is too thick or the driven plate is installed wrongly; the spline hole of the driven plate and the spline shaft of the first shaft of the transmission are caught; the hydraulic longitudinal mechanism of the clutch is leaking oil, there is air or Insufficient oil; weakened elasticity of diaphragm spring; worn or damaged engine crankshaft and transmission input shaft. Diagnosis and troubleshooting: check the clutch pedal stroke of the electric vehicle. If the stroke is too large, adjust it. For the hydraulic longitudinal mechanism, check whether the oil in the storage tank is insufficient or there is air in the pipeline and carry out necessary removal; check the inner end height of the separation lever, If the separation lever is too low or not in the same plane, adjust it, otherwise check that the driven disk is installed upside down, if there is no problem, continue to check; check whether the driven disk is warped and deformed and the rivets fall off, and whether the driven disk is stuck in the axial movement. If yes, replace or repair.
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