Troubleshooting and Diagnosis of Electric Tricycle Clutch

by:Mainbon     2022-02-09
Phenomenon: abnormal sound when the clutch of the tricycle.html' target='_blank'>electric tricycle is disengaged or engaged
Reason: the release bearing lacks lubricant, causing dry friction or bearing damage; there is no gap between the release bearing and the inner end of the release lever; the release bearing sleeve and the guide tube There is serious oil and dust between them, or the return spring of the separation bearing and the return spring of the pedal are fatigued, broken, and fall off, so that the return of the separation bearing is not good; the spline hole of the driven plate and its spline shaft are loose; the driven plate is damped The spring is annealed and fatigued or broken; the rivets of the driven disc friction plate are loose or the rivets are loose or the rivet head is exposed; the double-plate clutch transmission pin and the pin holes of the intermediate pressure plate and the pressure plate are worn and empty.
Diagnosis and elimination: Slightly depress the clutch pedal to make the release bearing contact with the release lever. If there is a 'sand' sound, it means the bearing has abnormal sound. If the sound is still abnormal after refueling, it means that the bearing is excessively worn and loose and damaged. Replace; Depress and lift the clutch pedal, if there is an intermittent collision sound, it means that the release bearing is moving before and after, and the return spring of the release bearing should be replaced; if the pedal is pressed continuously, if there is a sound when the clutch is just engaged or just released, it means that the clutch is driven. The disc rivets are loose or exposed, and the driven disc should be replaced.
The clutch of the electric tricycle is not completely separated
Phenomenon: When the engine is idling, when the clutch pedal is pressed, there is a gear slamming sound and it is difficult to hang in the gear. , the engine is completely shut off before the clutch pedal is fully released.
Reason: the stroke of the clutch pedal is too large; the release lever is bent and deformed, the support is loose, and the support shaft pin comes out, making it difficult to adjust the height of the inner end of the release lever; improper adjustment of the release lever, so that the inner end is not in the same plane or inside The height of the end is too low; the limit screw of the intermediate pressure plate of the double-plate clutch is improperly adjusted, the individual separation springs are fatigued, the height is insufficient or broken, and the intermediate pressure plate is not flexible in the axial movement on the transmission pin or in the clutch drive window; driven plate steel The disc is warped, the friction disc is broken or the rivet is loose; the newly replaced friction disc is too thick or the driven disc is installed wrongly; the spline hole of the driven disc and the spline shaft of the first shaft of the transmission are stuck; the clutch hydraulic longitudinal mechanism leaks oil, There is insufficient air or oil; the elastic force of the diaphragm spring is weakened; the engine support is worn or damaged, and the crankshaft of the engine is not coaxial with the input shaft of the transmission.
Diagnosis and elimination: Check the clutch pedal stroke of the electric tricycle, and adjust if the stroke is too large. For the hydraulic longitudinal mechanism, check whether the oil in the tank is insufficient or there is air in the pipeline and make necessary exclusions; check the inside of the separation lever The height of the end, if the separation lever is too low or not on the same plane, adjust it, otherwise check that the driven disc is installed backwards, if there is no problem, continue to check; check whether the driven disc is warped and deformed, the rivets fall off, and whether the driven disc is axial If so, replace or repair the sports cassette.
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