Types and performance of electric tricycle batteries

by:Mainbon     2021-05-03
Types of batteries for electric tricycles: 1. Lead-acid batteries (containing lead-acid gel batteries), with low cost and unchanged functions. All electric vehicles on the market currently use this type of battery 2. Lithium-ion batteries (often called lithium batteries) , The cost is expensive, the function is unchanged, it is easy to explode, and the safety factor is low. The lithium iron phosphate power battery currently being developed and used has dealt with the problem of safety. It is currently making a perfect one. 3. The crystal gel battery has the highest cost and the best function. The function remains the same. At present, electric vehicles using this type of battery are rare in the market. Only a small number of businesses can equip this high-function battery with the highest safety factor. The advantages of using life much longer than the first two types of batteries and the advantages of self-repairing functions are also the industry's leading position. The advantage is that lead-acid batteries do not have the disadvantage of preventing lead-acid batteries from delamination.
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