Types and usage of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-16
Electric tricycles are all open type. Electric tricycles are of course convenient, simple to operate, stable, versatile, and inexpensive. When squally storms hit, the use of electric tricycles is completely restricted. It is inevitable that 2-3 months are the rainy season in a year, and the cold wind in winter is less than 3 or 2 months. Some areas began to install electric tricycle sheds on electric tricycles to withstand the cold wind and rain. Electric tricycles have a wide range of applications, including old-fashioned electric tricycles, electric tricycles for freight, electric tricycles for passenger transportation, electric tricycles for picking up children, and even electric tricycles for self-use. There are currently three types of electric tricycle sheds: simple brackets are supported on electric tricycles, and the brackets are covered with abandoned advertising fabrics. Although they can withstand a little cold wind, the rough appearance seriously affects the image of the city, and the rain basically has to be shelved At home, the practical value is very low. Using stainless steel and endurance boards to make an electric tricycle shed, it is obvious that the door cannot be installed, which means that the practical value is still not high. The transparency of the endurance board is quite low, and it cannot be used at all when it rains or at night, which severely limits the scope of use of electric tricycles. Some opportunistic manufacturers use scrap iron to simply weld the electric tricycle frame, which is not only quite expensive, but also has a life span of only one year. The iron electric tricycle shed increases the weight of the electric tricycle itself and also affects the mileage of the electric tricycle. The front glass of the fully enclosed electric tricycle adopts automobile laminated glass, which is characterized by excellent anti-vibration and intrusion ability. The intermediate film can resist the continuous attack of hammers, choppers and other lethal weapons, and can also resist the penetration of bullets for a long time. Its safety precautions The degree is extremely high. The fully enclosed electric tricycle uses high-tech composite materials to build the car body, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, light weight and long life. The glass is equipped with a 360° electric wiper to ensure safe riding in rain and snow. The interior of the fully enclosed electric tricycle is no better than some opportunistic manufacturers, who are perfunctory to deal with customers. It adopts double-sided light production, no seams, and its appearance is greatly improved. It is widely used in aviation industry, shipbuilding industry and environmental protection industry. The fully enclosed electric tricycle frame is connected to thickened steel, coupled with super strong steel plate shock absorption, perfect welding.
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