Use and maintenance of power-assisted tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-15
In the process of using the power-assisted tricycle, strengthen the maintenance and maintenance, master the common sense of simple parts maintenance, and develop good usage habits, which can prolong the service life of the vehicle.
1. The new car is used for 1-2 weeks. Generally, a comprehensive inspection of the whole vehicle should be carried out, and the loose parts should be tightened and adjusted in time. The rotating (rear axle, front axle, front fork) parts, transmission (chain, Check and maintain the sprocket) and relative moving parts (handbrake, footbrake), etc., add lubricating oil in time, tighten the fastening parts in time, and adjust the tension of the chain in time.
2. Brake: Regularly adjust the foot brake and hand brake, the braking distance of the vehicle should be effectively controlled within 4 meters, and the brake power-off switch should be able to power off in time.
3. During the use of the motor, the commutator should be cleaned regularly and the brushes and planetary gears should be replaced. It is strictly forbidden to overload dynamic transmission. Pay attention to moisture-proof and prolong the service life of the motor. Generally, check the brush once every 2-3 months. If it needs to be replaced, it should be adjusted in time. In the high temperature season, it is recommended to open the protective ring on the motor to help dissipate heat, but it is not suitable for rainy days. All electrical components and circuit connection parts should be kept clean frequently to prevent oxidation to avoid poor electrical conductivity.
Fourth, charging attention:
1. When the power supply voltage is low or the battery has been used for a long time (the performance deteriorates), the charging time exceeds 10 hours and cannot be converted to floating charging. At this time, as long as the ammeter indicates close to zero , indicating that the battery is sufficient and does not affect normal driving.
2. The normal charging current should not be greater than 18A. When it exceeds the safe value, the alarm device in the machine will beep for a long time, reminding you to reduce the charging current to ensure the safety of the charger and battery. Occasionally, due to the unstable power voltage The following is a normal phenomenon and no adjustment is required.
Five, battery maintenance:
1. The surface of the battery should be kept dry and clean. Metal and other sundries are not allowed to accumulate on it to prevent circuit breakage.
2. Never run out of power. Even if the vehicle is not in use, it should be charged once every 2-3 days, otherwise it will affect the life of the battery.
3. If the battery is found to be depleted, it must be continuously charged for more than 36 hours before it can be used, otherwise the battery will not be used for a long time.
4. The battery should keep the normal liquid level. If the liquid is found to be lacking, distilled water should be added (before charging). It is forbidden to add charging liquid, supplementary liquid or other water quality.
Six, pay attention
1. Due to the low temperature in winter, the battery discharge effect is poor, and the vehicle mileage is only 60% of the normal.
2. The company is not responsible for burning the motor due to untimely replacement of the brushes.
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