Use and technical standards of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-10
As an important energy source with environmental protection, cleanliness and high conversion rate, electricity is widely used in production and life. Electricity is used as an application to drive the replacement of electric three-wheeled dump trucks for transportation, and promote the low-carbon development of the transportation industry. Reducing transportation costs, saving energy, and protecting the environment is one of the important research topics around the world. After decades of development, it has been applied to electric urban buses, electric transportation vehicles for factories and mines, electric urban sanitation cleaning vehicles, engineering, tunnels , subway construction vehicles and many other fields.
Electric tricycles can flexibly travel between narrow roads due to their strong applicability, motorized recording, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, and low price. The electric tricycle has a reversing switch, which can easily realize the function of reverse driving, which is very practical in narrow alleys and alleys, and it is very convenient to drive and park. It is widely used in short-distance transportation fields such as households, urban and rural areas, individual rental, factories, mining areas, sanitation, community cleaning and so on. According to the use, it is divided into household type, freight type and factory type. Because of the different uses, the technical standards of Qingtian special are also different. Most of the household electric tricycles use side wheel motors and an external frame (the frame is outside the wheels). Light weight, generally about 200KG, the motor is generally 350-500W, and the battery is 12V20AH battery, suitable for household and elderly walking tools. There are also mid-mounted motors with large axles (the large axles are also known as rear axles and rear beams, which are the axles connecting the rear two wheels of the tricycle, an important part of the tricycle). This kind of vehicle has good stability, and the central motor drives the rear two wheels at the same time. , start smoothly, but this kind of tricycle is generally more expensive. 
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