Use electric tricycles to develop good habits

by:Mainbon     2021-06-11
A good electric tricycle, develop good usage habits and reasonable usage methods, play a vital role in the service life of batteries and motors. Do good maintenance, more assistance, and frequent charging. In addition to its good internal quality, it is also closely related to normal maintenance and correct operation.   Good maintenance: Keep the car body clean and prevent the car body or rotating parts from rusting due to the sun and rain. Tire inflation must be sufficient to reduce the frictional resistance between the tire and the road. Frequently care about braking performance to ensure driving safety. When used in the rainy season or passing through water pools, the water level should not be higher than the centerline of the hub axle to prevent damage to the motor caused by water ingress.   Multi-assisted assistance: When driving uphill, carrying a heavy load, or driving in a reverse direction, human riding can help to avoid super-high current discharge of the battery, increase the mileage on a single charge, help extend battery life, and protect the motor. To take advantage of the multi-function advantages of electric tricycles, the most ideal use method is to assist the vehicle to move, electricity to assist the pedestrian, and the linkage of manpower and electricity, which saves effort and electricity. When starting, use pedals to ride to a certain speed and then accelerate with electricity.   Frequent charging: When charging, use the matching charger to place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity. Do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock. Develop a good charging habit, charge it after use, and keep the battery in a high-charge state. Due to the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, it is not possible to frequently deep discharge, especially if the battery is stored for too long after the loss of electricity, it will cause the internal chemistry of the lead-acid battery The crystallization of the material causes the battery plate to vulcanize and shorten the battery life. Therefore, it can be recharged as it is used and stored in full power is a magic weapon to increase the life of lead-acid batteries. A fully charged battery must be recharged once a month.
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