Use of power-assisted electric vehicles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-22
Electric tricycles use clean electric energy, have no waste gas pollution, and have the advantages of simple operation, low noise, moderate price, and convenient maintenance. They can be used as load tools and transportation tools, and are widely favored by people. The riding of a power-assisted electric tricycle is exactly the same as that of a bicycle. Since the power-assisted electric tricycle can make the battery lighter, it will further bring about a significant reduction in vehicle weight; in addition, the speed of the electric power-assisted tricycle will no longer conflict with the current national standard, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of traffic management and will also It is easier to get the approval of the national traffic control department. The production of new power-assisted electric tricycles will not happen due to the implementation of the new national standards for lightweight electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles, which may lead to the closure of thousands of electric tricycle and related accessories manufacturers and the unemployment of nearly one million employees, which in turn will cause a large number of social problems. Great danger. The increasingly difficult problems of traffic supervision and management will be greatly alleviated, and the bright prospect of a thorough solution will become increasingly apparent.
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