What about the exports of Mainbon in recent years?
In Mainbon Group Company Limited., the percentage of exports is considerably larger than domestic earnings. We expect to expand our export business and expand our influence in the global industry. Export is a method of quantifying the standard of a business's goods and keeping pace with global development.

For many consumers in many countries, Mainbon is the number one brand in the field. The electric tricycle parts series is one of the main products of Mainbon. The quality of Mainbon children's power scooter is guaranteed by the workmanship assessment. It will be evaluated in terms of its electromotive force, capacity, specific energy, and resistance. The product has enough robustness. It is made of superior and strong materials that contribute to a robust, hard-wearing structure.

Our company has a high sense of corporate responsibility. We pledge not to harm clients' commercial interests and rights, nor do we fail to keep our promise in meeting their needs and requirements.
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