What are main products to Mainbon?
Mainbon Group Company Limited. designs, develops, processes, and manufactures many different series of products, of which tricycle bike parts is the most popular and hot-selling one. We are always consistent with our goal of utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and abiding by the international quality standards to manufacture the products. In this way, we guarantee the finished products feature reliability, safety, and a long lifespan. We hire designers with their own original views and years of experience in the industry. It is their creative work that contributes to the unique and attractive appearance of the products.

Mainbon ranked first in China's production and sales for many years electric tricycle parts. The electric bicycle outlet series is one of the main products of Mainbon. Mainbon new power scooter goes through a series of performance evaluation. It is assessed in terms of its safety performance in use, environmental adaptability, and electrical performance. The product has no foul smell. During the production, any harsh chemicals are forbidden to be used, such as benzene or harmful VOC.

We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility. We will focus on reducing carbon footprint and eliminating pollutions during production or other business activities.
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