What are the advantages of electric tricycles in practical use?

by:Mainbon     2022-02-13
In cities, electric three-wheeled vehicles that are mainly used for leisure travel have also grown steadily due to the improvement of economic development and living standards, and their status in the eyes of the elderly has continued to rise. Compared with two-wheeled electric tricycles, electric tricycles are more stable, reliable and safer, making them an ideal means of transportation for the elderly. According to the electric tricycle Times.com reporter who visited the dealer before, although the electric tricycle is currently dominated by the rural market, the sales volume in the city is not as bleak as imagined. On the contrary, there has been a rise. Among them, the elderly and special industries Application-based.

    The electric tricycle adopts high-quality and large-capacity lead-acid battery for traction, which has strong power; adopts high-quality DC motor, which has low running noise and long service life; the speed control system adopts stepless speed regulation, which has a simple structure and is easy to operate. Electric tricycles are small in size and can flexibly travel between narrow roads. The electric tricycle has a reversing switch, which can easily realize the function of reversing driving, and has a voice prompt, which is very practical in narrow alleys and alleys, and it is very convenient to drive and park. There is no pollution during the operation of electric tricycles, which is conducive to the protection of the environment. The charging and driving system of the tricycle is carefully designed and high-quality components are used, which greatly reduces the operating cost, and the average operating cost is far lower than that of the same car. The design quality and characteristics of the controller, the function of the microprocessor used, the circuit of the power switching device and the layout of peripheral devices, etc., are directly related to the performance and operating status of the vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself. Controllers of different quality, used in the same vehicle and equipped with the same set of batteries in the same charge and discharge state, sometimes show great differences in driving ability.
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