What are the functions of the electric tricycle controller

by:Mainbon     2022-02-12
Self-checking function: It is divided into dynamic self-checking and static self-checking. As long as the controller is powered on, it will automatically check the interface status related to it, such as the handlebar, brake lever or other external switches, etc. Once a fault occurs, the control The controller automatically implements protection to fully ensure the safety of riding. When the fault is eliminated, the protection state of the controller will automatically recover.
Reverse charging function: When braking, decelerating or sliding downhill, the energy generated by EABS is fed back to the battery, which has the effect of reverse charging, so as to maintain the battery, prolong the battery life and increase the continuation mileage.
Stall protection function: automatically determine whether the motor is in a completely stalled state or in a running state or a short-circuit state when the motor is over-current. If it is in a running state when over-current, the controller will set the current limit value to a fixed value , in order to maintain the driving ability of the whole vehicle; if the motor is in a pure locked rotor state, the controller will control the current limit value below 10A after 2 seconds to protect the motor and battery and save energy; if the motor is in a short-circuit state, the controller will Then the output current is controlled below 2A to ensure the safety of the controller and the battery.
Dynamic and static phase loss protection: When the motor is running, when any phase of the electric tricycle motor has a phase failure fault, the controller implements protection to avoid motor burnout, while protecting the electric tricycle battery and prolonging battery life. Power tube dynamic protection function: When the controller is running dynamically, it monitors the working conditions of the power tube in real time. Once the power tube is damaged, the controller immediately implements protection to prevent the cart from appearing after the chain reaction damages other power tubes. rather laborious phenomenon.
Anti-overrunning function: It solves the overrunning phenomenon of the brushless electric tricycle controller caused by the handlebar or line failure, and improves the safety of the system.
1+1 power assist function: The user can adjust to use self-assisted or reverse power assist, which realizes the supplementary power during riding and makes the rider feel more relaxed.
Cruise function: automatic/manual cruise function is integrated, users can choose according to their needs, enter the cruise in 8 seconds, stabilize the driving speed, and do not need handle control.
Mode switching function: Users can switch between electric mode or power assist mode.
Anti-theft alarm function: Ultra-quiet design, the introduction of automotive-grade remote control anti-theft concept, higher anti-theft stability, can lock the motor in the alarm state, the alarm horn sound effect is as high as 125dB or more, with a strong deterrent effect. And has a self-learning function, the remote control distance of up to 150 meters will not generate errors.
Reversing function: The controller has added a reversing function. When the user is riding normally, the reversing function is invalid; when the user stops, press the reversing function key to perform auxiliary reversing, and the maximum reversing speed does not exceed 10km/h .
Remote control function: using advanced remote control technology, up to 256 encryption algorithms, multi-level adjustable sensitivity, better encryption performance, and no double code phenomenon, which greatly improves the stability of the system, and has self-learning function, the remote control distance is up to 150 meters, and there will be no error code. Ultra-quiet design technology: The unique current control algorithm can be applied to any brushless electric tricycle motor, and has a considerable control effect, which improves the general adaptability of the electric tricycle controller, and makes the electric tricycle motor and controller no longer. need to match.
Constant current control technology: The locked-rotor current of the electric tricycle controller is exactly the same as the dynamic running current, which ensures the life of the battery and improves the starting torque of the electric tricycle motor.
Automatic identification of motor mode system: automatically identify the commutation angle, Hall phase and motor output phase of the electric tricycle motor, as long as the controller's power cable, handlebar cable and brake cable are not connected incorrectly, the motor can be automatically identified. The input and output mode can save the trouble of wiring the brushless electric tricycle motor, and greatly reduce the use requirements of the electric tricycle controller.
Follow-up abs system: with anti-charging/car EABS braking function, the introduction of automotive-grade EABS anti-lock braking technology, achieves the effect of EABS braking mute and soft, and ensures the comfort and stability of braking at any speed The original abs will not be able to brake at low speed, it will not damage the motor at all, reduce the mechanical braking force and the pressure of the mechanical brake, reduce the braking noise, and greatly increase the safety of the vehicle braking; and When braking, decelerating or sliding downhill, the energy generated by the EABS is fed back to the battery, which has the effect of reverse charging, so as to maintain the battery, prolong the battery life, and increase the continuation mileage. Users can adjust the EABS according to their own riding habits. Braking depth.
Motor lock system: in the alert state, the controller will automatically lock the motor when an alarm occurs, the controller has almost no power consumption, and there is no special requirement for the motor. In the case of battery undervoltage or other abnormal conditions, the normal implementation of the electric tricycle has no effect. any impact.
Motor phase: 60-degree 120-degree motor is automatically compatible, no matter it is a 60-degree motor or a 120-degree motor, it can be compatible, no need to modify any settings.
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