What are the instructions for using the electric bicycle alarm?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-26
What are the instructions for using the electric bicycle alarm? Nowadays, many electric bicycles have an alarm function, but many people do not use it. Today, two-wheel electric bicycles will introduce you to the use of the alarm. Let’s take a look. Nowadays, electric bicycles are becoming more and more advanced. In the past, to prevent theft, there was a lock on the front wheel, a lock on the rear wheel, and a lock for locking the battery, but no matter what, some still cannot prevent it from being stolen. But now they all have their own alarms, but many consumers don't know how to control such alarms, and they always sound when they shouldn't sound, which is embarrassing. There are generally four buttons on the electric bicycle alarm remote control, unlock, unlock, bell, lightning, and the bell is to adjust the alarm sensitivity! The lightning button is used to open the switch remotely. Operation method 1 When locked, press and hold the bell button, and when you hear the car calling 4 sounds, it is 4 levels of sensitivity. Press again - 3 sounds again - 2 sounds again - 1 sound. Again-5 sounds, yes Cyclic, the first level is the alarm does not sound, only automatically locks the wheels, reverses,   2 When the car is turned off when the key is pulled out, press the horn button twice, your car will call, and then the power will be turned on If the car can run, there is no need to insert the key. 3 After the remote control is over, the car is about to be turned off. Just press the unlock button and the car will be turned off. This is very simple to say, and this is what I have concluded through practice. Although different remote controls may operate slightly differently, the overall operation of this key is similar. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous: About the charging time of electric bicycles Next: Electric bicycles have high safety risks, and learn fire prevention knowledge!
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