What are the three guarantees of electric bicycles not included?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-24
What are the three guarantees of electric bicycles not included? We usually buy electric bicycles with three packs, so many people don't know about the three packs. Today, two-wheel electric bicycles will introduce to you what are not included in the scope of the three packs of electric bicycles. Let's get to know it together.   When purchasing an electric bicycle, it shall be inspected on the spot, debugged correctly, and have the right to request the sales staff to provide correct usage and maintenance items, provide valid invoices and warranty cards, as well as the maintenance unit, address, and telephone number. The user should operate and use it correctly in accordance with the product instruction manual. Where performance failures occur due to manufacturing quality reasons, the company will perform the three guarantees in a unified manner in accordance with the 'Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China   'Three Guarantees' range: divided into non-electrical appliances and electrical appliances. The scope of not belonging to the 'Three Guarantees' is as follows:   A. Failure caused by the user's failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the provisions of the 'Instruction Manual'    B. Damage caused by improper use, storage or accident.  C. The damage caused by the user's self-modification, disassembly and repair, and self-decomposition, destroy the original state of the fault, and cannot be technically identified and analyzed.  D. Failed to show valid vouchers (valid invoice, warranty card) or card data inconsistent.  E. Damage caused by force majeure.  F. Vulnerable parts and consumable parts (fuse, light bulb, brake pad, brake cable, car bar, inner and outer tires, pedals, rubber sleeves, plastic parts of the whole vehicle, etc.) are normal wear and tear products. G. The cost of self-repair without the consent of the special maintenance unit. The above is a few points that are not included in the scope of the three guarantees for electric bicycles. You can learn about it and hope it will be helpful to you. Previous post: New regulations for electric bicycles have come out again! Behind is the lesson of blood Next article: Briefly describe several methods for repairing electric bicycle batteries
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