What are the usual maintenance items for electric bicycles

by:Mainbon     2021-09-26
What are the usual maintenance items for electric bicycles? Electric bicycles have almost become a must-have for household use. Even if there is a family car in many families, it is inevitable to buy an electric bicycle. The electric bicycle is convenient, practical, simple to maintain and easy to park. Let's take a concrete look at the things that need to be paid attention to in the usual maintenance of electric bicycles. 1. First of all, we must ensure that the battery of the electric bicycle is sufficient, and there should be no long-term power loss. 2. The screws and nuts fastened by the electric bicycle should be tightened, and should not be loose or falling off. All rotating parts should operate flexibly, and there should be no jams or staleness. 3. Check whether the brake lever is dexterous and see if there is any brake failure. If any, it should be repaired immediately. 4. The chain should be tight and suitable for flexible operation. The crank sprocket is shaken repeatedly by hand in forward and reverse directions, the chain runs flexibly, and there should be no chain skipping or falling off. 5. Check whether the electric bicycle tires are normal, check whether the electric bicycle tires are adequate, and if they are insufficient, they should be replenished immediately. The above are the matters that should be paid attention to in the maintenance and inspection of electric bicycles before and during normal times. For more information about electric bicycles, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous post: Precautions for traveling on rainy days with electric bicycles Next post: Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Wish you all a Happy New Year
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