What does the speed of an electric bicycle have to do with?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-23
What does the speed of an electric bicycle have to do with?   We all know that some electric bicycles are fast and some are slow. So what does the speed of electric bicycles have to do with? Let’s take a look at two-wheeled electric bicycles.  1: It is related to the current limit of the controller. Generally, the current limit of the controller is 28A, 30A and 33A. The greater the current limit, the faster the speed. 2: It is related to the magnetic steel sheet of the motor and the winding method. The standard motor on the market is a 30mm magnet. The longer the length and the quality of the magnet, the greater the effect of the current input. A good copper wire is a grade 1 copper winding with 5 layers. The speed varies according to the winding method. There are usually two phase angle motors on the market, one is 60 degrees and the other is 120 degrees. The 60-degree start is slightly faster and the force is slightly stronger, which gives you a feeling of pushing back, and the 120-degree motor has no 60-degree force. Large, the start is relatively soft and slow, but at full speed, 120 degrees will be faster than 60 degrees in terms of speed. The above is a detailed explanation of the speed of electric bicycles. Let me know about it, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Previous: How to judge the quality of the electric bicycle handle Next: About the choice of electric bicycle charger
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