What is raw material for essential motorcycle accessories in Mainbon?
The material Mainbon Group Company Limited. utilizes is to help the production of a high-quality essential motorcycle accessories . Since founded, we have been trying our best to select materials which excel other materials. Fortunately, we have successfully found the material which is suitable for producing high quality products at a reasonable price.

Mainbon ​​is recognized as the a trustworthy children's power scooter brand in China. The electric bicycle outlet series is one of the main products of Mainbon. Various indicators of Mainbon hybrid electric tricycle meet international pool accessories quality standards. It has passed the tests and is guaranteed to free of formaldehyde or other chemicals. The product well adapts to the market demands and will be applied more widely in the near future.

We aim to win the market by maintaining the stable quality of products. We will focus on developing the new materials which feature more excellent performance, so as to upgrade products at the very beginning stage.
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