What is the reason for the frustration of walking on electric scooters?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-30
What is the reason for the frustration of walking on electric scooters? Two-wheeled electric scooters sometimes have some problems during driving, such as a sense of frustration. Why is this? The electric scooter factory tells you the answer: 1. Check the battery for possible leakage. 2. There is a problem with the controller. 3. There is a problem with the aging connection of the line. 4. Loose or poor contact between potentiometer and circuit. 5. The battery is undervoltage. Solution: The current controller basically uses a sine wave output, the noise is large, the riding jitter or the frustration is mainly because the controller and the motor have a problem in the matching of the sine wave, the best way is to replace the matching motor or controller . Two-wheeled electric scooters must do a safety inspection before driving, for our personal safety. Previous: Which is better, an electric scooter with pedals or an electric scooter without pedals Next: What are the common faults of electric scooters
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