What is the reason for the sudden power failure during electric bicycle riding? Have you been recruited?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-22
What is the reason for the sudden power failure during electric bicycle riding? Have you been recruited? I don’t know if you have encountered such a situation. At the crossroads, this is very dangerous. So what caused this situation? The electric bicycle tells you: 1. Battery leakage: It is mainly the phenomenon that the electrolyte overflows from the inside of the battery during use. There are three common parts that may leak: one: the seam of the cover; two: the pole Seam with colored glue; 3: Seam between upper cover and bottom groove. 2. The air switch is tripped: If the electric bicycle does not move halfway, check the air switch in time. The air switch is easy to trip. If it does, just push it up. 3. Brake power failure: If the brake switch is stuck or malfunctions, it will cause the vehicle to be powered and unable to go. You can try to brake the car a few times and then drive normally. 4. Power signal system failure: More and more functions of electric bicycles can easily lead to complicated wiring and poor contact. 5. Controller problems 6. Wire failure at the controller wiring: If the wires at the controller wiring are loose or poorly connected, you can reconnect or tighten each wire. 7. Handlebar or Handlebar circuit failure 8. Fuse problem 9. Battery wiring or battery plug problem: If the whole vehicle is out of power, it is likely that the battery wiring or battery plug is in poor contact or disconnected, you can try to pull the wire by hand Or plug in the connectors, or re-fix them one by one. The above is the reason for the sudden power failure of the electric bicycle. Have you been recruited? If not, then you need to check it carefully. If there is, come to the electric bicycle to repair it as soon as possible. Previous: How to choose the shock absorption part when buying an electric bicycle Next: A small strategy for using electric bicycles after exposure in summer
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