What kind of motor is good for electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-05-27
It is best to use a brushed DC motor for an electric tricycle. The advantages are: ①, the controller is relatively simple; ②, changing the polarity of the motor power supply, you can easily reverse operation. Brushless motors are difficult to achieve reverse operation. Electric vehicles basically use DC motors. They used to be brushed, but now they are basically brushless. The brushless DC motor technology is very mature, and the battery + control module + motor form a drive system. Many roadside electric vehicles are easily assembled. Brushless motors are good, durable and efficient. Choose a controller with a high voltage, so that the more efficient electric vehicles basically use DC motors. In the past, they used brushes, but now they are basically brushless.
Electric tricycles need to pay attention to safety during driving
When the electric tricycle is running, because the speed is faster than that of ordinary bicycles and pedestrians, the chance of overtaking is higher, and scratching accidents are very easy to occur, and they are also driving side by side, driving on the opposite road, parking randomly, turning heads at will, running red lights, etc. Traffic violations have increased significantly. At the same time, multiple passengers are often taken, which can easily lead to loss of control, overturning, and vicious traffic accidents involving mass deaths and injuries. So you need to pay more attention to safety when driving!
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