What should be paid attention to when exercising electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-13
First, adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar to the safest and most comfortable position, especially the height of the saddle. It is best to have both feet on the ground at the same time when you need to stop during riding. Check to see if the tire pressure is correct. When riding, you must first obey the road traffic rules. Never cross a red light, ride in the slow lane, never in the fast lane. When the traffic is crowded, turn off the electric door and ride manually. Slow down when turning, and avoid sharp turns at small angles when driving at high speed, which may cause a car accident due to excessive centrifugal force. Test whether the braking device is effective and reliable, and test whether the power supply is cut off and the motor has stopped working after braking. Check the battery level: It is especially important to watch the battery level on the monitor when plugged in, especially after long-term storage. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the relevant driving safety components such as electric horns and lights are effective! Check the rotating parts: whether the front and rear wheels and pedals, cranks, sprockets, chains, and flywheels are running normally, and whether there are foreign objects. Don't take people with you. Since the battery capacity of electric bicycles is not large and the motor power is not high, the load capacity of general electric bicycles is about 80kg (including cyclists). battery motor life, and also violates traffic laws. When riding uphill, on a bridge, or against strong winds, electricity and manpower should be used at the same time to reduce the load on batteries and motors. Riding method when starting: Generally, electric bicycles have a zero-start function, that is, open the switch when stationary, and turn the speed control handle to start the car. However, the starting current at this time is two to three times that of normal driving, which has a great impact on the motor and battery, especially the battery. Therefore, in order to prolong the continuation mileage of a single charge and the service life of the battery, the pedal should be started first when starting, and the circuit should be connected after the pedal has a certain speed for three or four laps. This is especially true in heavy traffic and traffic lights. Lots of locations are especially important. Frequent zero starts will definitely shorten the battery life.
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