What should be paid attention to when purchasing agricultural tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-16
Check whether the on-board technical data (including instructions, certificates, lists, etc.) and on-board tools and spare parts are complete; then, check whether the exterior of the tricycle has collision deformation, missing parts, damage, etc.; Water leakage; whether the connection parts are loose; whether the oil level and oil volume of each part are normal; whether the steering wheel (or handle), gear lever, clutch, brake pedal, accelerator, front and rear tire pressure and shock absorber are in good technical condition.
If the engine does not turn off, check whether the left and right turn signals, brake lights, low light, low beam, and high beam of the nighttime running lights are complete, and whether the horn sound is normal. After these inspections, if there is no problem, it can be considered as a better agricultural tricycle.
Start the engine, run it for a few minutes at low speed and small throttle, observe whether the oil pressure, water temperature, and smoke color are normal; listen to the explosion sound and whether there are other abnormal sounds. After that, change the accelerator position suddenly and observe whether there are any abnormal phenomena, such as light smoke, soft sound, stable operation, normal oil pressure and water temperature, and no other noises, you can start in gear. Check the control and transmission mechanism, first step on the clutch pedal to the end, it should be able to smoothly pick up the gear without noise; start from a small accelerator and low gear, start slowly, and pay attention to whether there is any abnormal noise in each part; then turn left and right, observe the steering Whether the mechanism is flexible and reliable, whether the tricycle deviates to one side when walking, and whether the front and rear tires sway; finally, test the brake pedal to observe whether the brake is reliable and suitable.
Pull the decompression handle to the decompression position, shake the crankshaft several times, and observe whether the oil pressure indicator has any indication; increase the accelerator, continue to shake the crankshaft, and listen to the sound of the fuel injection nozzle when the fuel is supplied. If the sound is clear and powerful, it means that the oil supply system is good; then remove the decompression, reduce the throttle, continue to crank the crankshaft, and check the compression of the cylinder seal. If the cranking is effortless, the compression system is good. After passing the above inspection, if there is no abnormal phenomenon, the test drive can be carried out.
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