What should be paid attention to when purchasing agricultural tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-30
Check whether the technical data (including manuals, certificates, lists, etc.) and the tools and spare parts provided with the vehicle are complete; then, check whether there is any collision, deformation, missing parts, damage, etc., on the outside of the tricycle; whether there are oil leaks, Water leakage; whether the connecting parts are loose; whether the oil level and oil volume of each part are normal; whether the steering wheel (or handle), gear lever, clutch, brake pedal, accelerator, front and rear tire pressure and shock absorbers are in good condition.   If the engine does not turn off, check whether the low beam, low beam, and high beam of the left and right turn signals, brake lights, and night running lights are complete, and whether the horn sound is normal. After these inspections, if there is no problem, it can be regarded as a better agricultural three-wheeled transport vehicle.   Start the engine, run it at low speed and low throttle for a few minutes, and observe whether the oil pressure, water temperature, and smoke color are normal; listen to the explosion sound and whether there are other abnormal noises. After that, suddenly change the throttle position and observe whether there are any abnormalities, such as light smoke, soft sound, smooth operation, normal oil pressure and water temperature, and no other noise, and you can start in gear. Check the control and transmission mechanism, first depress the clutch pedal to the end, it should be able to smoothly engage with the gear without noise; start from the low throttle and low gear when starting, slowly start, and pay attention to whether there are abnormal noises in each part; then turn left and right to observe the steering Whether the mechanism is flexible and reliable, whether the tricycle runs sideways when walking, whether the front and rear tires are swaying; finally, test the brake pads to observe whether the brakes are reliable and appropriate. Move the decompression handle to the decompression position, rotate the crankshaft several times, and observe whether the oil pressure indicator has any indication; increase the throttle, continue to rotate the crankshaft, and listen to the sound made by the fuel injection nozzle, if the sound is crisp Strong, indicating that the fuel supply system is good; then remove the decompression, reduce the throttle, continue to crank the crankshaft, and check the compression of the cylinder seal. If the cranking is effortless, it indicates that the compression system is good. Through the above inspection, if there is no abnormality, a trial run can be carried out.
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