What should I do when the indicator light of the electric tricycle does not light up?

by:Mainbon     2021-06-18
Electric tricycles that have been used for a long time will inevitably have such problems. The power indicator on the dashboard does not light up is one of the common problems. In this case, it may be caused by the instrument or wiring, or it may be caused by the motor. This mainly depends on whether the motor is running normally after the power indicator light is off. The power indicator on the dashboard of the electric tricycle does not light up but the motor is running normally. It is possible that there is no voltage between the positive and negative leads of the dial, poor contact of the connectors or open circuit of the leads, as long as they are reconnected or replaced. When the luminous tube of the electric tricycle is damaged, the luminous tube also needs to be replaced or repaired for processing. When there is an open circuit on the dial circuit board, replace or repair the meter circuit board in time. Of course, these problems with electric tricycles are relatively simple. If it is really a problem with the motor, if you cannot find the cause, or cannot handle it, please send it to the electric tricycle repair department for repair in time.
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