What should you pay attention to when charging an electric bicycle for the first time

by:Mainbon     2021-09-22
What should you pay attention to when charging an electric bicycle for the first time? A newly purchased electric bicycle is very important for the first charging. Just as a newly purchased mobile phone is also very particular about charging for the first time, try to charge as long as possible. The following is a detailed description of the things that should be paid attention to when charging an electric bicycle for the first time. 1. The electric bicycle must be used up before the first charge, but it cannot be used up. When an electric bicycle is newly purchased, the battery will not be too full, but it will not be too low, unless it is an old battery or a low-quality battery. When you use it, you should estimate the approximate distance you can travel based on the estimation of the merchant, so as not to run out of electricity or run out of electricity. When the electric bicycle power display has reached the last grid, it is necessary to consider not to ride, and to prepare for charging. 2. For the first charge, you should choose to charge during the day. Everyone knows that the battery should be fully charged when charging for the first time, but full charge does not mean overcharging. Charging during the day is easy to control the charging time, so that the battery will not be overcharged and discharged for the first time, so that it is easier to make the first chemical in the battery The reaction is normal. 3. Regarding the charging time for the first charge, because the battery of the electric bicycle has not been charged or discharged when it is not used at the factory, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the battery. Under normal circumstances, the charging time is about 5-6 hours, and the battery can be fully charged, and the subsequent use can be charged a little longer. In this way, after the first charge is used up, it is a new charge. This charge is also particularly important. Although it is the second charge, it is still for the new car. This time it will take longer to maintain. 8-9 hours or even 10 hours. When you buy back an electric bicycle, remember to charge it correctly so that you can extend the battery life. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our official website. Previous post: The main coping methods for long-term riding of electric bicycles Next post: E-bike listed on the road
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