What to do if the indicator on the dashboard of the electric tricycle does not light up

by:Mainbon     2021-06-13
What should I do if the indicator on the power dashboard of the electric tricycle does not light up? Long-term use of electric tricycles will inevitably have such problems. The power indicator on the dashboard does not light up is one of the most common problems. In this case, it may be caused by equipment or wiring, or it may be caused by the engine. This mainly depends on whether the engine is running normally when the power indicator light is off. The power indicator on the dashboard of the electric tricycle does not light up when the engine is running normally. It may be that there is no voltage between the positive and negative wires of the dial, the connectors are in poor contact, or the wire is broken. These situations may be just plugging in or changing the wire. If the lamp tube of the electric tricycle is damaged, the lamp tube needs to be replaced or repaired for processing. If the dial plate is damaged, replace or repair the equipment plate in time. Of course, these problems with electric tricycles are relatively simple. If it is really a problem with the motor, if you can't find the cause of the struggle, or cannot be treated, please send it to the electric tricycle repair department for repair immediately.
What are the advantages of electric tricycles?
Electric tricycle is a three-wheeled transportation tool that is powered by a battery and driven by a motor to pull goods or people. The electric tricycle adopts tubular large-capacity, left and right lining, deep discharge, traction type batteries, which can meet the requirements of continuous discharge for a long time. The electric tricycle motor adopts a DC series-excited traction brush or brushless motor. The motor is equipped with a speed-regulating and force-increasing device, which is not easy to be damaged in normal use and ensures strong output power. Electric tricycles have the advantages of strong applicability, mobile recording, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, and low price, so they can flexibly walk through narrow roads. The electric tricycle has a reverse switch, which can easily realize the reverse driving function. This is very practical in narrow alleys and alleys, and it is very convenient whether to drive or stop. It is widely used in short-distance transportation fields such as family, urban and rural areas, individual rentals, factories, mining areas, environmental sanitation, and community cleaning.
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