When purchasing an electric bicycle, the shock absorption performance cannot be ignored

by:Mainbon     2021-09-22
When purchasing an electric bicycle, the shock absorption performance cannot be ignored. When purchasing an electric bicycle, because of the different emphasis, the purchasing method is different. Some people prefer to judge from the appearance of the model. Some people may read the manual. According to performance, some people may also make purchases according to the introduction of the shopping guide. Let us introduce a point that cannot be ignored. This is also very important for purchase. This point is shock absorption. Shock absorption is a key component that affects comfort. It is divided into front shock absorption and rear shock absorption. When making a purchase, we can first inspect it. The usual detection method is to ride an electric bicycle, accelerate quickly to the maximum, and then brake suddenly. The front shock absorber will be compressed immediately because of the inertia of the vehicle itself. At this time, both hands hold the brake lever and press the body forcefully with the shock absorber to sense the shock absorber. Whether it is in the end, if the shock absorption is in the end, it means that the shock absorption effect is very poor, and the quality of the front shock absorption is not good enough. The inspection method of rear shock absorption can be achieved by riding through some speed bumps or ditch ridges, and perceiving the comfort level through the rear seat. When the shock is reduced, it should have the function of shock absorption, not rigid. Bang quickly bounced. The performance of shock absorption directly affects the comfort of the vehicle. If you feel that it is not obvious, you can ride a few different brands of different models to find the feeling. The shock absorption performance is also a point to consider when buying an electric bicycle. This affects our riding comfort, and good shock absorption performance can bring more convenience to riding. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: Electric bicycles listed on the road Next: Preparations before starting the electric bicycles
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