When you buy an electric bicycle, you also need to consider the element of tires

by:Mainbon     2021-10-10
When you buy an electric bicycle, you also need to consider the element of tires. When choosing to buy an electric bicycle, we tend to focus on the style and some configurations, and often ignore the key item of tires. In fact, it is still worth considering when buying tires. Let's take a brief look at tires. First of all, we need to know and understand tires. Although electric bicycle tires and car tires are in the same category, their structure and naming definitions are still far from each other. Tires can be divided into bias tires and radial tires according to daily needs. Radial tires are widely used in the automotive field. The structure is relatively cumbersome, and we will only talk about oblique crossing today. The rim is the part of the wheel where the tire is fixedly installed, and the wheel hub is the rotating component that connects the wheel and the axle and is responsible for bearing the load between the tire and the axle. The spokes are the parts that support the rim and hub. If they are made of aluminum alloy, they are called aluminum alloy rims and hubs. After continuous improvement, under the conditions of modern industrial technology, the wheel hub has become a fully functional integral component. It is responsible for carrying the weight of the vehicle, transmitting power, and tyre heat dissipation. As a rotating part, the wheel must meet the conditions of light weight, fatigue resistance, and dynamic balance under the premise that the wheel has a certain rigidity. The cross-sectional width of the tire refers to the part where the tire is connected to the ground, where the pattern is the cross-sectional width of the tire. When purchasing an electric bicycle, we should not only observe the thickness and strength of the electric bicycle tire, but also consider the load-bearing capacity of the wheel hub. It is best to choose a tire with a larger cross-section. For other questions about electric bicycles, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: How to use the electric bicycle meter correctly Next: Choose a good style for electric bicycles, and travel more freely
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