Where is the way out for electric tricycles?

by:Mainbon     2021-05-22
At the Shanghai Auto Show not long ago, it was not luxury cars worth tens of millions, or concept cars that represented the future trend of automotive functions and styling, but new energy vehicles represented by electric and hybrid power. Almost all domestic independent car companies including Chery, BYD, Geely, Haima, Lifan and Great Wall have exhibited electric products. The pressure of environmental pollution and the continued high oil prices have caused the government and car companies to turn their attention to new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. However, electric cars look beautiful and are difficult to make.  Batteries and channels are the biggest obstacle  Where is the difficulty of electric tricycles? There are many barriers to electric tricycles, but the most important ones are nothing more than two, one is the battery and the other is the network.  First of all, electric vehicles have extremely high requirements on batteries, which must have high specific energy, high specific power, fast charging and deep discharge performance, and require the lowest possible cost and long service life. At present, more and more researchers are considering using lithium-ion batteries as power batteries for electric tricycles. Lithium-ion batteries have high working voltage, large specific energy, small size, light weight, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, no pollution, etc. Among lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more promising. However, even this relatively inexpensive lithium iron battery still has a very high cost.  Secondly, charging base stations and power grids are also issues that must be considered next.   The infrastructure for the commercialization of electric vehicles includes a charging station network, a vehicle maintenance service network, various forms of battery marketing, and a service network. The establishment of a certain number of public charging stations and the provision of special cables and sockets are the key to the industrialization of electric vehicles. At least a dozen to dozens of public charging stations must be built in a city to meet the rapid charging needs of taxis, private cars, and commercial vehicles in the urban area. In addition, charging facilities should be set up in parking lots and communities. These facilities must be constructed with huge investments.   Finally, the sales and service network of electric tricycles is also a big problem. In order to form large-scale and industrial cluster advantages, it is necessary to extend the network to relatively developed countries such as Europe and the United States in terms of new energy, digesting and alleviating the domestic market pressure of slow development.   Can only rely on the government blindly? In China, the development of new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, has always been under the leadership of the government: from the Tenth Five-Year Plan to the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the Chinese government’s investment in new energy vehicles has increased from RMB 800 million to RMB 5 billion. More than 200 automakers, suppliers and research institutes are involved. Among the local enterprises, many manufacturers have invested in the research and development of electric tricycles, but most rely on the national 863 project to support research and development, and they do not yet have the capacity and scale for mass production. In addition, the entire Chinese electric vehicle parts suppliers have scattered distribution and uneven development, and they have not yet formed a synergy and cluster effect. Under the current economic situation, it is impossible for the state and the government to use a large amount of funds for the development of new energy for car companies. It is impossible to achieve immediate results if you use force and dispersion.   Therefore, car companies should not blindly rely on and bet on the support of the government, but must change from passive to active and find suitable partners to develop and expand the Ru0026D and market strength of electric tricycles. Relying on enterprises, and even more on cooperation between enterprises. In fact, the strong alliances and complementary advantages of domestic car companies are the basis for the development of electric tricycles. We should look at the world and integrate more advanced international advantages resources, so as to look forward to and realize electric tricycles. The global industrial layout of the market.  In the field of international new energy vehicles, the world's auto giants are undoubtedly leading the way. Looking at the current development status of new energy vehicles in China, not only BYD, but also Chinese policy departments and many other auto companies, are gradually taking the research and development of electric tricycles as a new goal. However, to find a way out as soon as possible, we must work hard to learn from and integrate the latest international technologies and resources. Only in this way can we break a road, a road leading to the development of electric tricycles.
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