Why does the electric bicycle show full charge as soon as it is charged?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-29
What is going on when the electric bicycle is fully charged as soon as it is charged? Have you ever encountered such a situation, when the electric bicycle is charged, it shows full charge, what is going on? Let’s analyze the following two-wheeled electric bicycles. Generally, the battery charging time is 4-8 hours. If you charge for 1 hour or even half an hour, the green light will turn to the green light to indicate that the battery is almost dead. The normal life of the battery is about 2 years, and the battery capacity will be slightly smaller when it is below zero: if you plug it in to charge The green light indicates that your charger may have a problem, or there may be a problem with the battery connection line. If your charger is left and right output, you plug the charger and the household electric kettle together. If it shows a red light, it means The charger is good. The problem lies in the battery circuit. This experimental method is only suitable for chargers with left and right outputs. Don't use other brands. If you don't understand electricity, it is best not to touch it to avoid leakage of electricity and hurt people. In this case, you can find the manufacturer to solve it. During the warranty period, you can also find the nearest electric bicycle repairer to check it. Previous post: How to judge the quality of the electric bicycle steering wheel Next post: Electric bicycle riding skills in snowy days
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