Why does the rear wheel of an electric bicycle do not turn?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-24
Why does the rear wheel of an electric bicycle do not turn?   Have we encountered a situation where the rear wheel does not turn when riding an electric bicycle? What is the cause? Two-wheeled electric bicycles will give you an analysis.  1. The rear wheel of the electric bicycle is equipped with a drive motor, and the rear wheel suddenly does not rotate. It must be a 'stuck' phenomenon caused by mechanical reasons of the motor.  2. Check the reasons for the mechanical blocking of the motor, including the motor rotor and bearings. 3. The brake is powered off (for example, the brake cable is disconnected, the brake switch does not return, etc.. In this case, turn on the power and the rear brake light is always on.)    4. Speed u200bu200bcontrol handle failure, (check the speed control handle connection plug Whether the connection is reliable. For the 3-wire, you can also directly short-circuit the 4.2V (usually red) and the signal line (usually green). After the short connection, the motor should turn).   5. Motor Hall. (When accelerating, the rear wheel first makes noise and then stops). The handlebar is an important part of the electric bicycle to control the speed. Because its movement is more frequent, the damage rate is also relatively large. When it is damaged, it may also cause the electric bicycle to appear non-rotating. When we encounter any of the above in life In all cases, you should go to the repair shop for inspection and maintenance in time, so as not to leave hidden safety hazards and affect the use. The above are the factors that cause the rear wheel of an electric bicycle to not turn. You can find out about it and hope it can help you. Previous: Analysis of the reasons for the shortening of the battery life of electric bicycles Next: Analysis of the signs before the batteries of electric bicycles become obsolete
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