Why is there a harsh sound when the electric bicycle brakes?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-28
Why is there a harsh sound when the electric bicycle brakes? Electric bicycles have become an important means of transportation for the general public. Have you ever encountered the harsh sound of sudden braking? What is the situation? Today we will introduce electric bicycles to everyone. According to experts, the material, weight and speed of electric bicycle brakes are the main causes of noise. At present, the electric bicycle brake devices sold on the market are divided into three types: lock brake, expansion brake and suspension brake. Among them, the expansion brake with better performance has low noise, but it is expensive. For the sake of reducing production costs, the current front brake of electric bicycles uses a suspension type, and the rear brake is a hug type. When the vehicle speed exceeds 10 kilometers and the resistance required for braking is not enough, the brake lever will be contracted to increase the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc and achieve the purpose of rapid braking. At this time, a 'creaking' sound will be produced. The battery weight of most trams has a certain limit. Some manufacturers remove the speed-limiting resistor and artificially accelerate the speed in order to cater to consumers' 'quick-seeking' needs. This makes the brake components of the battery overloaded, and it is easy to make a harsh sound. The above is what I have introduced for you today. You can learn more about it, and hope it can help you. Previous: Factors affecting the speed of electric bicycles Next: Methods of cleaning and maintaining electric bicycles
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