Why not use fast charging for electric bicycles?

by:Mainbon     2021-10-14
Why not use fast charging for electric bicycles? We all know that when two-wheeled electric bicycles are charging, it is best not to use fast charging, but we are still unclear about the reasons inside. The following two-wheeled electric bicycles will give you a brief introduction: 1. Quick charge The battery hurts a lot. Generally, the current of the built-in charger is about 1.8-2A, and the current of the rapid charging is 9-11A, so it will be very hurt. 2. How many kilometers you can run depends on your car, not the charging station. But few cars can run 10 kilometers in 10 minutes. For example, your electric bicycle is 60V 12AH. Then your car is 60*12u003d720W. How far you can run depends on the condition of your own car. After all, different people, different road conditions, and different slopes will affect the itinerary. Assuming that your car can walk 40 kilometers by a single person (12A batteries usually can't reach this), then you can walk about 40 kilometers*(10/12)*(10/60) after charging for 10 minutes. . . It's almost 5-6 kilometers, this is a relatively new battery. For an old battery, a walk of three or four kilometers is good. So the use of fast charging is very harmful to the battery. The key to an electric bicycle is the battery. Therefore, we try to maintain the battery as much as possible in our daily life. Previous: Some inspections before riding an electric bicycle Next: What are the ways to extend the life of a two-wheel electric bicycle?
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